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TS Series Vacuum Generators
The TS is a three stage vacuum generator that comes in a small classically styled package. PVI was able to significantly reduce the size required for triple stage generation through an innovative method of harnessing the vena contracta phenomenon. This new small package packs a lot of punch. It is 130 mm long and weighs only 340 grams but still provides all the impressive flow characteristics expected from a triple stage generator. The exhaust is routed through internal sound damping chambers thus eliminating the need for a protrusive muffler. Since the exhaust does not pass through any filter media, it is very clog resistant. You can get all this without the traditional bulky body styles and the associated weight.
TS Series Vacuum Generator Models:
Air Consumption
Vacuum Level @ 72psi(5 BAR)
TSM04 1.8 scfm 20 in-Hg
TSH05 3.0 scfm 27 in-Hg
TSM05 3.0 scfm 20 in-Hg
TSH06 4.0 scfm 27 in-Hg
TSM06 4.0 scfm 20 in-Hg
TSH07 5.1 scfm 27 in-Hg
TSM07 5.1 scfm 20 in-Hg
TSH08 6.0 scfm 27 in-Hg
TSM08 6.0 scfm 20 in-Hg
TSH09 8.0 scfm 27 in-Hg
TSM09 8.0 scfm 20 in-Hg