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Saturn II Series Vacuum Generators

* above with top port option 1/8 NPT

In the spirit of innovation, PVI introduces the new Saturn II vacuum generator. The new Saturn II is a direct descendent of the popular Saturn Series and still offers all of the same great traditional characteristics within a smaller and more versatile platform. All of the features of the traditional Saturn generator are still found. You still get direct mounting capability, a built in push-to-connect inlet port and the high efficiencies. The new Saturn II offers an aesthetically appealing body that weighs a mere 80 grams*. The low mass characteristics combine with the above features to make the Saturn II the ultimate choice for point-of-application use.

• Choice of materials (Delrin, Glass filled Acetal, Aluminum)
• Upper Gauge Port
• Lower Gauge Port
• 80 psi operation

* aluminum version wieghs 110 grams

The SATURN SERIES of generators are small and lightweight. The light but rugged glass reinforced compound construction makes them the smart choice for reciprocating and point-of-application uses due to their low mass and low profile characteristics.

The manifold mounting feature, integral muffler, and removable filter screen provide great value by leaving nothing else to buy and eliminates clumsy looking assemblies. These advantages do not compromise performance. PVI's SATURN SERIES generators, with the full circle generation feature, deliver impressive performance. All models have identical envelope dimensions and are easily interchangeable.

Saturn II Series Vacuum Generator Models:
Air Consumption
Vacuum Level @ 65psi
S2H04 2.0 scfm 27 in-Hg
S2M04 2.0 scfm 20 in-Hg
S2H05 3.1 scfm 27 in-Hg
S2M05 3.1 scfm 20 in-Hg
S2H06 3.7 scfm 27 in-Hg
S2M06 3.7 scfm 20 in-Hg
S2H07 4.9 scfm 27 in-Hg
S2M07 4.9 scfm 20 in-Hg